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Krea - Interior Luxury
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The Italian art of innovation

Krea® is a company with the main purpose to satisfying its customers and contributor.
Its core business is represented by resinous coatings for texture of the exterior, interior design, residential and industrial architecture. Krea® resins are the result of a research to obtain the best in each operating segment by using high quality raw materials through studied formulations by the company in order to reach the best possible performances.
Krea® want to offer to its selected customers its new experience in decorative and luxury solutions according to customer’s taste and preferences.

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Krea - Interior Luxury
Krea - Interior Luxury

Quality of the resin

It is a polymer with excellent physical qualities with the particular feature to be adaptable to different shapes and colours.
There is no limit in the possible finishes for unique and artistic monolithic floors and walls.

Krea - Interior Luxury
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Krea - Interior Luxury Krea - Interior Luxury
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For its expressive potential and the adaptability to different solutions, the resin can satisfy the needs of the contemporary living.
Thanks to our long experience in this field, we created a research lab where new resinuos materials are continously developed in order to improve our products formulas, to reach the best in each operative environment.

Krea - Interior Luxury
Krea - Interior Luxury
Krea - Interior Luxury




  • Milan

  • Ibiza

  • Monte Carlo

  • Dubai

  • Zürich

  • Hong Kong

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Krea - Interior Luxury

Massimiliano Re


Massimiliano Re, a simple man, always looking for an ancient harmony lost in balance between technique and art. Two expert hands that caress the material so that the resin turns into a charm. A soul reaching out to perfection intent on converting matter into poetry. The competence of an expert at the service of your imagination.

Krea - Interior Luxury

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